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Hospitals and clinics are usually the places where patients receive medicare. However, it is extremely inconvenient for the elderly to frequently go between the homes and hospitals/clinics for long-term medicare. With doctor-served home care, the accessibility of medical treatment would increase; the risk of trauma or infection from traveling in-between would be avoided; more prompt and timely treatment-offered effectiveness would rise. However, there has been no study on the difference between the cost effectiveness of outreach versus hospital rehabilitation. Thence, the peculiarity of the outreach rehabilitation regarding the physiatrists providing medical services and the physical therapists and occupational therapists offering rehabilitation programs in nursing homes where there is National Health Insurance Bureau approved hardware equipment was investigated herein.This retrospective study from January 2005 to December 2006 selected patients discharged from the hospital within 3 weeks and included the outreach and hospital rehabilitation groups of 50 each. The Barthel index scores in the patients were collected five times maximally, and so were the rehabilitation fees. Descriptive statistics, t-test, and Chi-squared test were available. Additionally, general linear model with repeated measurements was to analyze if the long-term effect of both groups was consistent. Resultantly, disease-caused function loss in the study group was more significantly different than in the control group. The Barthel index score was averagely 30.5 in the study group and 40.1 in the control group. During 5 measurements, the Barthel index score in the study group was improved (about 42.9 difference) more than that in the control group (34 difference). For medicare expenses, those of the study group from the first to 7th month were higher than those of the control group. After the cost-effectiveness analysis, the 2 groups showed no significant difference. In the study group, the outreach rehabilitation could meliorate the convenience of medicare. With no wasted medicare expenses, thus the model is worth promoting.


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