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Thirty one patients including eleven young atheletics(thirth four knees totally) were assesed by MRI(1.0T,Picker company)in different pulse sequences T1WI, T2WI & PDWI. The result showed high incidence of combined injuries, especially for meniscal injury coexisted with cruciate injury. There were 52.9% of knees with cruciate injuries in Gr. III meniscal injury, while in Gr. II & III was upto 73.5% in incidency. The injuried pattern of young athletics group (less than 26 years old) was the same as old age group. It may conclude that the abuse or overuse syndrome shoule be considered in the training or competition of young athletics group. In our experience, the MRI survey is a good modality for detective the soft tissue injury and setting therapeutic program, by offering a good anatomical guide and pathological correlactions.


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